Surrender… Part 2

2 Jan

For the last few days I have been asking God for the strength to stop some behaviors that I wanted to hold onto. Although I recognized that the behavior was sinful and would ultimately be detrimental to my life, it provided some emotional fulfillment that I was really enjoying, which made letting go of it very painful.

My family and I went to the experience at the OKC campus Saturday evening. As usual, the message convicted me to the core and I spent most of the hour fighting tears. During prayer, I made my way over to the campus Pastor’s wife Cindy to ask to speak with her and pray. The moment she turned to me, I broke into tears and asked if we could talk. I was at a turning point. That was the moment that I would either confess or continue on in my sinful behavior.

Thankfully, Cindy was very warm and willing to listen without passing judgement. As we talked through things, I slowly began to develop the courage to make the changes necessary to repent and focus my heart back toward my Father in Heaven.

Although the pain I feel runs very deep, I know that God is all I need.

Today I am grateful that God will bless me even in my own sin. I have been blessed with a couple of women who are lovingly speaking TRUTH to my heart, who have made themselves available to me to even in the depths of my sin. I pray that God will richly bless these women and that I will be able to bring some blessing into their lives as well.

Thank you Nora and Cindy.

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