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God Always Provides…

18 Nov

Though the response may not be what I want, and the timing much slower than what I would prefer, God is always faithful to provide exactly what I need at the perfect moment. The important thing for me to remember is that I don’t always understand, nor do I always know what is best for me. Although I try hard to think outside of the moment, I usually only see a very narrow view of my situation and struggle to see how each moment lends structure to the Big Picture that God has planned.

When I look back at all of the “Big Deals” that have occurred in my life, I can see where God provided every time. Not only did he provide what I needed at the perfect moment, the outcome was always better than it would have been if I would have got my way.

It is often quite challenging to figure out what God’s will is for my life. When I find myself at a crossroad, how do I know which path to take? I believe that scripture gives me a fairly clear path of how to love and what to avoid. For those times that I don’t see a clear answer, I just pray that God would use me for his Glory and guide my path. Sometimes I hit the mark, and other times I am way off target. Those are the times when, if I am paying attention, God allows me to learn and often provides moments of discipline. Generally speaking, when I am focused on God and doing what I know to be right and good, things turn out quite beautifully. If I find myself wallowing and suffering, chances are I have taken my eyes off of God and am attempting to control the universe.

God will provide me with absolutely everything I need in order to carry out his plan for my life. That is a comforting thought that really enables me to relax. With that thought in mind, I don’t feel like I have to be in control.

God is good all the time, and all the time God is good!

What Is My Nile…

30 Mar

Hapi- god of the Nile: The Nile River was the center of all agricultural life in Egypt and was revered as a god and worship was not just limited to Hapi. The Nile and all of its tributaries fed the whole of Egypt and without the nourishment it provided, Egypt would surely cease to exist. Our flesh is that which gives itself nourishment and nothing but the blood of Christ can give us the real sustenance needed to survive. (source: Ron Black via Full Contact Faith)

Very easy to identify in my life… my “Nile” is friendship. That is the place from which I derive majority of my sustenance. Contact with friends is the thing I long for the most, hold as a priority, and is what I think about most throughout my day. It is where I feel my worth. It is the thing that energizes me the most.

Those friendships are what feeds me, like the Nile River fed Egypt. Now what if my “Nile” was turned to blood? What if a plague was sent to render my friendships useless or dry them up? From where would my sustenance come? It should come from my Father in Heaven. Does it? If I am honest, my answer is sometimes, but not often enough.

Why do I yearn for those relationships more than I yearn for a relationship with God? Why do I desire contact with them more than reading God’s word or prayer? The only answer I have at this moment is that those friendships typically feed my flesh. They feed my ego.

I have begun to surround myself with a group of people who feed my spirit, who encourage me to seek the Father… to find fulfillment in Him. I find when I seek first the Kingdom of God, all other things are added unto me. I thirst for nothing, because He quenches my thirst. When I turn my focus toward the face of God, he meets all of my needs and frees me up to be a servant to my friends and family instead of turning to them to meet my needs.



30 Mar

I dream the sounds of my world begin to fade into the background… a moment of solitude- stillness and quiet.

Time of reflection, to consider, to listen… for the loving voice of my Father in Heaven.

A place free from ringing phones, t.v., noisy neighbors, family waiting for my attention. I close my eyes and see my Father smiling at me.

He comforts me with a fragrance of spring blooms in the air, the kiss of the waves washing onto the shoreline, a soft wind blowing gently through the trees.

As I take in a deep breath of the night air, a sense of peace and calm blankets the moment. I wrap myself in His presence and am refreshed.


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