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What Is My Nile…

30 Mar

Hapi- god of the Nile: The Nile River was the center of all agricultural life in Egypt and was revered as a god and worship was not just limited to Hapi. The Nile and all of its tributaries fed the whole of Egypt and without the nourishment it provided, Egypt would surely cease to exist. Our flesh is that which gives itself nourishment and nothing but the blood of Christ can give us the real sustenance needed to survive. (source: Ron Black via Full Contact Faith)

Very easy to identify in my life… my “Nile” is friendship. That is the place from which I derive majority of my sustenance. Contact with friends is the thing I long for the most, hold as a priority, and is what I think about most throughout my day. It is where I feel my worth. It is the thing that energizes me the most.

Those friendships are what feeds me, like the Nile River fed Egypt. Now what if my “Nile” was turned to blood? What if a plague was sent to render my friendships useless or dry them up? From where would my sustenance come? It should come from my Father in Heaven. Does it? If I am honest, my answer is sometimes, but not often enough.

Why do I yearn for those relationships more than I yearn for a relationship with God? Why do I desire contact with them more than reading God’s word or prayer? The only answer I have at this moment is that those friendships typically feed my flesh. They feed my ego.

I have begun to surround myself with a group of people who feed my spirit, who encourage me to seek the Father… to find fulfillment in Him. I find when I seek first the Kingdom of God, all other things are added unto me. I thirst for nothing, because He quenches my thirst. When I turn my focus toward the face of God, he meets all of my needs and frees me up to be a servant to my friends and family instead of turning to them to meet my needs.



23 Feb

Nothing soothes me like your touch…
I hate how vulnerable you make me…
Does this kiss feel like the kiss of someone that doesn’t love you?
Does this embrace feel like the embrace of someone who isn’t attracted to you?
You are MY wife…
Your heart belongs to me and no one else.

The Woman I Admire Most…

2 Feb

My Grandmother… Betty Jo. To me, she is simply Gramma. No matter what I have done in my life, no matter how “unacceptable” my behavior, my Gramma has always been there for me 100% of the time. I know beyond any doubt that she would do absolutely anything for me… and without hesitation.

For over 25 years, she has selflessly cared for her sister, Kathy, who was paralyzed in a car accident. My Gramma has fed her, bathed her, helped her use the toilet and cleaned her afterward, played thousands of games of YAHTZEE with her, wiped Kathy’s tears on the days when she was overwhelmed by her disability, laughed with her, cried with her, encouraged her, and loved her.

Every person that she comes into contact with that has a need that she can fill has been the recipient of whatever gift she can spare. She bakes pumpkin bread during the holidays for her mailman, sends money to friends with a need greater than her own, makes it a point to send cards on birthdays and holidays, and my favorite part of all is how she makes a point of telling me how much she loves me. Without fail, every time we are together, she tells me about how when I was born, she “just knew” that I was her guardian angel and that’s why she calls me “Angel.”

When she talks about herself, she tells about how broke down she is, how her body can’t take anymore, how she really should go on a diet because she weighs 110 pounds, how awful her hair is, how wrinkled her skin is, how she can’t read without her glasses, what new medication her multiple doctors have put her on, how tired she is, how she doesn’t know if she will quit smoking, and how I must get sick and tired of constantly “having to help” her with things that come up.

When I think about her, I think about how she has dedicated her life to being a servant to those in need, how she makes me feel very special when we are together, how she lights up when I make her a birthday card with a drawing just for her, how soft her skin is and how I wish mine was as soft, how she talks and laughs in her sleep… I think about how blessed I have been to have such a loving and generous Grandmother as a role model.

I am so grateful for all that she has taught me about life, love, and service.

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