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For The Love Of…

27 Jan

“Do my actions accurately reflect the values I hold in my heart?” This is the question on my mind today. Generally speaking, we have a tendency to live in a “means to an end” kind of mentality. For example:

Everyone wants a great job, so they can make great money, so they can have nice things and have the freedom to spend quality time with their families. Since we want to spend more time with our families, we need to work harder. So, we sacrifice time with our families, so that we can work more, so that we can earn more money, so that eventually we can spend time with my families. Or… We work a lot of overtime because we want a nice house and more fun things for our families, so that when we spend more time with our families, we can have more fun. So, we sacrifice time with our families to acquire all these nice things to enjoy with our families, but inevitably will not be able to enjoy any of it with them, because we will have to continue to work overtime to maintain the new lifestyle that we have worked so hard to get in the first place.

I don’t know about you, but just reading that makes me feel too exhausted to do ANYTHING. I have become aware lately of how the desires of my heart often lead me to do things that prevent me FROM the desires of my heart. The things I do are GOOD things, but they often do not lead me toward my goal.

I want God to show me how to be a better mother, so I make plans to spend time with other mothers, and read books on parenting, and attend bible studies hoping to find the key to great parenting when, the whole time, my two beautiful daughters are sitting… waiting for me, with the key in their hands!

I want more friends, so I neglect the one or two friends that I do have, so that I can spend time on facebook in hopes of meeting people or reconnecting with people I can build friendships with. Once I have 1,000 “friends” on facebook, then I can spend time with one or two of them.

I want to serve my community, so I walk quickly to my car, so that my elderly neighbor doesn’t try to engage me in a conversation, so that I can drive 30 minutes to “serve” downtown at a homeless shelter. After I am done “serving” I can yell across the driveway to my elderly neighbor that I don’t have time to talk, because I have been “serving” at the downtown homeless shelter and need to get a shower.

I have discovered that the key to SUCCESS for me is simply… living simply, working just enough to meet the needs of my family, sometimes saying no to more work, bible studies, facebook friends, and self-serving acts of “service” across town, so that I can say yes to my children, hello to my neighbor, and THANK YOU to my Father in Heaven.

My goal today is to make the values of my heart be evidenced by my actions.

CAN YOU RELATE? Please share some of your experiences.

Use Me…

31 Dec

A couple of years ago, we were challenged to write our “bucket list” of things we would want to accomplish before we die. I wrote down the top ten most important things that were in my heart at the time. One of those things, ranked somewhere around number 5 on that list was “To lead someone else to Christ.”

Honestly, I never really thought that I, of all people, would be used for something like that. After a lifetime of belligerent denial of any kind of God, I didn’t expect that God would have any desire to “USE ME” for anything except maybe poster child for how NOT to love God.

Although I didn’t believe that bucket list item would happen for me, I prayed and asked God to USE ME. Father, use me for YOUR glory. Father, use me to bring others into relationship with you. Father, use me to reach people that others may not be able to reach.

Much to my surprise… GOD USED ME.

God gave me the faith that if I would trust Him and invite people to church that normally do not attend church, share with non-believers about how God has changed me and what He has done in my life, and pray with and for people who did not have that relationship with Christ, that He would show up. As a result of my faith, I have had a front row seat to the moment of repentance and salvation for several people, watching them surrender their lives to Christ  and ask His forgiveness.

Watching that transformation take place in a couple teenager’s lives was amazing. Watching that transformation recently take place in my own brother’s life has knocked me to the floor.

GOD IS SO GOOD and I am so honored to be used.

What Is My Nile…

30 Mar

Hapi- god of the Nile: The Nile River was the center of all agricultural life in Egypt and was revered as a god and worship was not just limited to Hapi. The Nile and all of its tributaries fed the whole of Egypt and without the nourishment it provided, Egypt would surely cease to exist. Our flesh is that which gives itself nourishment and nothing but the blood of Christ can give us the real sustenance needed to survive. (source: Ron Black via Full Contact Faith)

Very easy to identify in my life… my “Nile” is friendship. That is the place from which I derive majority of my sustenance. Contact with friends is the thing I long for the most, hold as a priority, and is what I think about most throughout my day. It is where I feel my worth. It is the thing that energizes me the most.

Those friendships are what feeds me, like the Nile River fed Egypt. Now what if my “Nile” was turned to blood? What if a plague was sent to render my friendships useless or dry them up? From where would my sustenance come? It should come from my Father in Heaven. Does it? If I am honest, my answer is sometimes, but not often enough.

Why do I yearn for those relationships more than I yearn for a relationship with God? Why do I desire contact with them more than reading God’s word or prayer? The only answer I have at this moment is that those friendships typically feed my flesh. They feed my ego.

I have begun to surround myself with a group of people who feed my spirit, who encourage me to seek the Father… to find fulfillment in Him. I find when I seek first the Kingdom of God, all other things are added unto me. I thirst for nothing, because He quenches my thirst. When I turn my focus toward the face of God, he meets all of my needs and frees me up to be a servant to my friends and family instead of turning to them to meet my needs.


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